Becoming unstuck: De-Hypnosis is the Answer

Becoming unstuck: De-Hypnosis is the Answer


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I have all the tools in my therapeutic tool bag to help my clients become unstuck in their lives.  Stephen Wolinsky in Trances People Live has as his main postulate that “…trance is the ‘glue’ that holds the problem in the present moment.”   Teaching my clients how to step out of the state-dependent trances of initial sensitizing events is what I do.  Those events autonomically induced trance is responsible for the state-dependent memories that create problems and/or the symptoms related to that particular segment of time in one’s life.  It is quite easy to step into the present moment… at last free of the baggage from the past.

For the last 15 years I have focused upon helping those who have become stuck in their lives and did not know why.  It was during my training and practicing HRM that I learned the weight one carries in the baggage that is keeping them stuck.  At the end of a session when I ask my clients how they feel about X (the issue or issues we worked on during that session) what I hear most often is “…lighter!

Holographic Memory Resolution® addresses the specific millisecond of paused consciousness when the state-dependent memory is captured and frozen. HMR facilitates the release of the “frozen feelings” through my right hand on or near your C7 vertebrae and my left hand hovers at or near where you described the memory resides in your body that occured at the moment of encoding. A CHMRP® rather than hypnotizing his clientele focuses on de-hypnotizing them from their state-dependent memories.  I became the first Certified Holographic Memory Resolution Practitioner® (CHMRP® – 2013) within 100s of miles of the Twin Cities.  (More in depth information Holographic Memory Resolution® is found on Brent Baum’s web site



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