Dealing with Abuse

Dealing with Abuse


Abuse in its most simple definition is to treat in a harmful, injurious, or offensive way.

There are many kinds and degrees of abuse as well as how an individual handles such treatment.  It could be as simple as to a lack of nurturance during one’s formative years or Corporate Bullying that comes later in life. How many want to admit that they have been abused?  Those who had need to ask themselves the question, “How has that affected me?” want to keep that door locked. 




Early on during the development of HMR® it became obvious that it was necessary to eliminate the fear of retraumatization when probing the depths of this category of memories – be those conscious or unconscious.  One of the hallmarks of HMR® is that its Practitioners conduct sessions in spaces specifically tuned for each client in order to provide what is entitled, when using this modality, An Enhanced Safe Place.  It is of paramount importance for you, should you become a Freedom Hypnotherapy client to know the work done is considered sacred and is conducted in An Enhanced Safe Place.


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