That all important millisecond

 That all important millisecond


By addressing that specific millisecond of (autonomically) paused consciousness when the observer’s “state-dependent” memory is captured, the HMR® process facilitates the release of the “frozen feelings” and paused physiology that occurred at the moment of encoding the psyche captured in order to assure its continuance

Accepting that we are not necessarily space/time bound is foundational to this Theoretical Clinical Model.  The Holographic Model of The Universe allows one to transcend time and space in its facilitation of releasing those “frozen feelings”.  HMR® practitioners have been taught and then practiced how to engage in that necessary transcendence.  The client’s history is not changed but the charge of the “Initial Sensitizing Event” associated with the release is the change that is sought and then reinforced.

Is this a deviation from the norm in Counseling/Therapy?  Absolutely!  However, those who seek out those such as myself usually do so as a means of last resort.  The majority of my clients have attempted other forms of Counseling/Therapy without the success they sought.  For some that had been a process that involved many years and a bevy of modalities.  Most had not discovered the underlying issues that initiated that search but rather were directed to what had been masking them.  That is why discovering that all important millisecond just prior to the “Initial Sensitizing Event” is so significant. 


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