Proven Success


Proven Success

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In Brent Baum’s book, The Healing Dimensions, he described how he came about to create and refine his new approach to Counseling/Therapy he designated as Holographic Memory Resolution® (or HMR®) that combined several specific disciplines and key aspects of hypnotherapy.  Hypnotherapy is such an effective way to accomplish resolution of long standing issues.

Almost all who are involved in the study of consciousness, including Neurologists & Psychologists, estimate that the mind functions consciously at 5% and subconsciously at 95%.  Brent’s large body of work (Tens of thousands of clients and well over 150,000 documented memory resolutions) solidly validates that the key to unlocking long standing issues is by delving into the subconscious by the way HMR®‘s technique is structured.


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