Putting it altogether

Putting it altogether


By having a BA in Physics and learning that HMR® had a foundation built upon the core principals of Hypnotherapy, Quantum Physics, and The Holographic Universe, and was skewed towards Client-Centric therapy pursuing becoming a Certified HMR Practitioner (CHMRP) seemed such a natural fit for Freedom Hypnotherapy in continuing to expand its credentialing to better serve you.

During my first classroom session in studying HMR® geared towards Certification I learned how much more easily this process facilitates rapport between the conscious and subconscious states of mind.

More importantly, as I continued studying HMR® and then began the required 90 Case Studies to earn Certification as a Practitioner, it provided the answers to the two most often asked questions by my clients:

(1) Was there a better method to conduct a session that would be tempered to be gentle, productive, yet more effective and efficient that what he had been doing in the past?

(2) Could a method exist that would make it easier for clients  learn how to restore their (lost) freedoms?


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