Relapse Prevention


Relapse Prevention

 Relapse Prevention Warning

It is truly a puzzle for those who contemplating a relapse back into the cycle of addiction as to why they once again are at such a place in their lives.


AA’s Big Book states that there is one positive state and three negative when one is an addict.  The positive state is being in recovery and three negative sates when one is actively using are (1) jail, (2) institutions, or (3) death. 


Once the cycle of active addiction begins the spiral towards the latter three are much more probable and quite a bit more rapid.

The fact is simple: To clear yourself you need to know what your are clearing.

This is why HMR is such an effective method of relapse prevention – its Practitioners takes one back to that Initial Sensitizing Eventthat initiated their self-medicating with whatever is their drug of choice; be that alcohol, substance abuse, or destructive / criminal behavior.


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