Those I serve

The vast majority I serve are:



(1)  People who are stuck in their lives and  may not know why.

(2)  Those who are letting life happen to them instead of mindfully and contentiously creating the one they want.

(3)  Those who have attempted (usually over a long periods of time) other therapeutic approaches and have yet to reach their specific goals, including many suffering from PTSD.

(4)  Corporate Refugees: Those individuals who left an employer who are carrying the effects of a toxic work environment and/or bullying.

(5)  Those struggling with weight where triggers to use of food as self-medication may be unknown to them as trauma related.

(6)  Those whose reality of day-to-day living seems substantially harder than it seems it should be.

(7)  People who knowingly are experiencing the effects of unresolved trauma – Be it physical, emotional, mental, and/or Spiritual.

(8)  Those who grew up unhappy and know it is affecting their lives in a negative manner.

(9)  Those who experienced sexual abuse.

(10)  Those who find themselves dis-empowered and as such have lost their voice, career opportunities, personal fulfillment, and so much more.

(11)  Those who are just touching in on formally unknown trauma and are contemplating relapsing to self-medicate to diminish the pain they are experiencing.

(12)  Those addicts how are finding themselves at a point in there recovery where relapse is a possibility or a probability.

(13)  Near-Death Experiencers (NDErs).  Trauma always precludes such experiences.  It is estimated that 5% of the population is an NDEr.  It is also estimated that only a small percentage of those have actually re-acclimated to their new perspective of reality that they now perceive as the result of their NDE. 


I have chosen to expound upon four of the above as the next 4 sub-categories on this website’s menu as experience has shown using these as examples provides potential clients a greater understanding of how Freedom Hypnotherapy has the effectiveness and resolution rapidity that almost seems too good to be true!


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