Sidestepping a Quagmire

Sidestepping a Quagmire


Freedom Hypnotherapy effectively sidesteps this quagmire by always following the structured procedures learned when focused upon trauma resolution.  By checking in with the client to make certain during revisiting the metaphoric symbolism they have created for a specific [T-1] moment of an incident in their mind’s eye or any moment just prior to that they are asked how they feel about it and their somatic cueing is also examined to make sure they are residing in their Essential Safe Place during the process. Each element that pops up is examined and worked upon until it no longer carries any charge; the verification that brings closure on a specific [T-1] moment.

The new Memory Mapping Software (available only to CHMRPs) easily facilitates following the chain of events of the total incident and clearly maps out the event as either being a singular [T-1] event or one that has a multitude of [T-1]s.

The subconscious is amazing!  We have learned over time that as a client presents their narrative as each [T-1] moment surfaces it does so not necessarily following a straight-line time sequence but can be non-time linear.  However, the appropriate way that leads to total resolution is to address each of the [T-1]s as they arrived in reverse order – the last declared [T-1] addressed first until all are addressed ending with the first [T-1] presented.

We are doing this now.  However, the finesse built into the Memory Mapping Software (MMS) makes the recapitulation verbiage injection in the process much so much easier to address than what we presently are doing.  

It is worth noting here that Brent Baum spent 7 years developing this MMS and we CHMRPs are going to benefit greatly from the due diligence he has enveloped in this wonderful tool.


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