The [T-1] Moment(s)

The [T-1] Moment(s)


In keeping updated and current by revisiting specific portions of my Education/Training in HMR® one of the most interesting Case Studies that came up during my November 2014 revisit of Level 3 Training involved an automobile accident and a client that Brent Baum treated.  Brent emphasized that one can have several (what David Grove designated as…) [T-1] moments associated with a single incident, such as a automobile accident.  Recall that is the exact moment when  the “frozen feelings” and paused physiology that occurred at the moment of encoding the psyche captured in order to assure its continuance


WP- Car Crash

Anytime during such an incident when one’s autonomic reactions creates a spontaneous state of trance that is a definitive [T-1] moment and each need to be addressed and resolved.


  • That driver of the car approaching the intersection does not notice me
  • I have no way to swerve or stop in order to avoid impact
  • The impact occurs
  • “Oh my God!  I am going to die!”
  • The body absorbs the impact
  • “I am hurt… and hurt badly – But, I am going to live
  • It is taking too long for help to arrive (Again) “I am going to die!”
  • [Help arrives – Time is dilating…] They can’t find me!  There was more than 2 in my car!
  • …etc.  …etc. 

By addressing the incident as a whole rather than a potential sequence of [T-1] moments many Therapists/Counselors fail to understand when a portion of the incident and its repercussions are declared by them as  “healed” that indeed may not be the case. 

Their clients later are perplexed that there still exist triggers associated with the incident. 


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