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Theoretical Clinical Model:



I provide a unique healing experiences for each of my clients.  The majority of the work I do is taking the years of experience I had as a Hypnotherapist,  Spiritual Counselor, and Physicist and then integrated a revolutionary hypnotherapy based modality created by Brent Baum called “Holographic Memory Resolution® (or HMR®).  Brent initially created HMR’s® fundamentals early in the ’90s as an outpatient treatment that focused on resolving the pain and memory triggers that led to addiction relapse.  Over the decades he continued to refine and develop it into the transformational work that exists today.  As time washes on and more are exposed to its technique the spectrum of maladies it successfully addresses will continue to grow.


I am able to use hands-on-healing through the integration of that gift I was initially granted as one of my innate skills during thoa incarnation and then augment that with the study of Reiki, Hypnotherapy, and HMR® to create a unique form akin to but not a duplication of Spiritual Touch® .  The integration of my hands-on-healing has gone through several stages of evolution.    Metaphorically speaking HMR® was the missing component that “…put the icing on the cake.”  During the required practice of 90 Case Studies for HMR® Certification, I was able to enhance all the tools I had in my Therapeutic Tool Bag in order that I am able to address a greater number of maladies successfully than ever before. 

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The biggest impediment to someone being able to benefit from the knowledge and skills I possess is initially making it through the door of my office.  I would be remiss by not mentioning that if what you are reading has at all resonated with you and you are having that specific issue, may I suggest that you read Feel the Fear but Do It Anyway by Susan Jeffers to help you garner the courage to make the call to schedule our initial session.

Once we begin our work together each Client’s Case takes on a unique life of its own – where both my client and I bring out the best in each other to address and resolve the issues that keeps the client from being the BEST they can be!  I have an amazing vocation and thoroughly enjoy what I do. 



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