Unperceived Weight

Unperceived Weight

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Through the study and practice of Holographic Memory Resolution® one learns how the weight of carrying the residual energy associated with trauma and other degrees of abuse dramatically affects a client’s life.  HMR® is on the cutting edge of the effective integration of somatic, energy, and color psychologies.  As a college graduate with a degree in Physics and having been a Certified Hypnotherapist since 2000, I easily incorporated Brent Baum’s (Ref: HealingDimensions.com) process into my practice.

Freedom Hypnotherapy’s practice is primarily focused upon:

(1) Helping those who are stuck (in life) and do not know why.

(2) Helping those who desire to move from being victims of trauma and other degrees of abuse to become healed survivors of the heinous acts perpetrated upon them.

(3) Helping those who want to relieve the recurrent suffering brought on by PTSD being triggered and re-triggered.

I found that those who reside in these three areas of focus are also those who are delineated at Those I Serve.


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